• nuTRAACS
  • nuCEM
  • GDS Mate
  • nuPay


  • Auto BSP Reconciliation - Facility to account the discrepancies directly from the RECO module.
  • ADM Tracking - Track, identify & rectify the disputes that are contributing to agency debit memos.
  • Automatic Invoicing - TRAACS helps in easily creating and printing invoices according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Multi GDS - TRAACS is integrated with Multiple GDS – Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan.
  • Credit Control - Credit control module with real-time integration between all major GDS.
  • Web based - You can access TRAACS from anywhere on any device.
  • Multi Currency - Manage transactions in the currency preferred by client.

nuTRAACS - The cloud based Travel Agency Back Office system

With nuTRAACS, Nucore’s cloud-based Agency Management Platform, smaller agencies can pull ahead of any competitor regardless of size.

NuTRAACS is the cloud deployment of TRAACS. With nuTRAACS’ real time information and the cloud’s remote accessibility, transactional workflows can be executed by multiple team members in different locations. nuTraacs provides better controls, effective management, access to accurate account information and consolidated branch financials from anywhere at any time.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Secure Access
  • Work from Anywhere

Core Modules

  • GDS Integration
  • A/R, A/P and GL Accounting
  • Multi Currency Accounting
  • BSP Reconciliation
  • DailySales Reporting
  • Financial Reports

Major Advantages

  • Zero Infrastructure Fee
  • Zero Administration Fee
  • 24Å~7 Availability
  • Accessible Anywhere

TRAVTICS - Travel BI | Interactive dashboards | Smart Management Decisions

  • Travel Business Intelligence & Analytic dashboards to boost your travel business insight.
  • TRAVTICS helps travel agents to make an in-depth evaluation of how their business perform.
  • Identify untapped opportunities based on the existing sales and transaction data.
  • Travtics transform agent’s transactional data into decisions by giving you some detailed analytics on who are your top ’n’ customers, profitable airlines, profitable destinations, demanding customers, etc.
  • Travtics delivers information on traveler’s pattern of bookings and this information can be used to provide personalized/seasonal offers.

nuCEM - The Customer Engagement Platform, A CRM uniquely built for Travel Agents

nuCEM advances beyond CRM by creating a centralized customer engagement repository and defining customer and supplier engagement workflows, then auto mating the process. When integrated with a back office financial system, nuCEM’s repository is augmented with client financial data. Nucore’s nuCEM is a powerful new management tool specifically designed for the travel service industry. nuCEM decreases costs per engagement while increasing revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

GDS Mate

GDS Mate - A Smart Saver - Unused Ticket Manager - A Seat Finder

Smart Saver - Smarter ways to fetch lower airfares

  • Smart Saver enables a travel agent to find the lowest possible fare for their client. It integrates with both the GDS and the back-office accounting system with two-fold benefits.
  • The system effectively places the agent at the front of the queue for newly released seats at the lowest fares.
  • Secondly, the system allows travel agents to search for cheaper fares for customers who already have bookings.
  • If a travel agent runs the tool on a dedicated computer it will search for fares throughout the day, making money for the business owner with minimal staff input.

Unused Ticket Manager - Unlocking hidden revenue by listing unused segments

  • The Unused Ticket Manager is an automated system that integrates with the GDS and travel agency’s back office systems.
  • It serves to identify any unused or ‘open status’ airline tickets or ticket segment.
  • The tool provides travel agents with a hidden revenue stream if the customer does not request a refund of an unused ticket or ticket segment.

Seat Finder - Grab seat for your valued customers

  • Seat Finder allows a travel agent to give customers, particularly corporate customers, an enhanced service by securing otherwise unobtainable airline seats on sold out routes.
  • The tool integrates with the GDS system and the agency’s back office systems keeping customers’ travel requirements in the portal.
  • If a travel agent runs the tool 24/7 on a dedicated computer it will search for fares even whilst the business is closed, providing an excellent service for customers without any staff input.

nuPay - Virtual Card Payment Designed for Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, and Travel Management Companies

If your company uses credit to pay bills online, then you should plug into the benefits made possible by nuPay’s “Virtual Credit Card”. Adding NuPay to your current system will simplify payments and give you the information you need to manage day-to-day credit usage, lower costs, and increase security, sales, and profits.

You manage your agency, but who controls it?

The answer is simple. Which ever party pays the other is the party in control.

Does your agency provide services for your providers then wait to be paid? Or do you pay your agency first and then your providers? Does your agency collect payments from your customers or do you pass the customer payment information to your provider to collect the funds and then pay you? Do your providers dictate the form of payment your customers must use? Are credit limits set by you or your provider? Do providers place business volume restrictions on your agency due to agency viability concerns?

nuPay can help you gain control of your agency, lower your costs, and increase sales. If reconciliation, and fraud are consuming valuable staff time, then nuPay can help eliminate most of these costs. If you don’t offer customers the form of payment they prefer due to the additional costs, then nuPay savings will more than offset those costs to increase customer acceptance and sales.


SkyTRAACS - Airline back office system with financial accounting

  • A highly automated Web-based System
  • Seamless integration with Reservation Systems.
  • Fully automated Agent Billing Process, Passenger Revenue Accounting, Interline Accounting and Tax Accounting.
  • Comprehensive Financial Accounting capabilities (A/R, A/P, G/L)
  • Effective Proration of Billing Data
  • Tracking of Fuel usage at different levels of flight journey (Journey Log)
  • Accurate flight-related cost accounting based on actual operational data and supplier contracts at the time of flights
  • Agency productivity calculation and reporting
  • Improved cash flow through efficient revenue auditing and recovery


ATM 2024 DUBAI, May 06-09

Arabian Travel Market (ATM), is the market leading, international travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Tourism destinations from around the world will once again unite in Dubai to showcase their brand and exhibit at the show along with the biggest names in accommodation and hospitality, renowned tourism destinations and attractions, innovative travel technology providers and airlines.

In May 2021 we launched our first ever hybrid Arabian Travel Market event, with an in-person show successfully taking place in Dubai and then ATM Virtual taking place the following week, so that people who couldn’t travel could still experience the show.

This worked so well, that we have decided to run a hybrid event for ATM 2024. Our main focus at the show will be on ‘The future of international travel and tourism’. Together we will map out the future of the industry and explore new trends, opportunities for growth, innovation and of course effective recovery.

ATM 2024, which will take place in Dubai on 06-09 May and then will take place online a week after from 17-18 May. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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